Welcome to Rahmqvist UK

We are a company with Swedish heritage that supply educational products direct to schools, children's centre's, colleges and all learning environments                              throughtout the UK.                                  


  We provide things that work to improve your daily activities including :


- Marking, Editing, Polishing and Peer Assessment

- Lesson Observartion data storage 

- Filing and archive paperwork storage solutions

- A stepping stones approach to handwriting

- EYFS products that support learning through play

- Creative products to enhance investigation and achievement

- Quality adapted consumables for every classroom and office


NEW FOR 2017


Art: 20001 Scoot Transformer

Tested in Primary schools with great success

Used in PE and Sport to stimulate Balance ability, Muscle Strength,

Co-ordinastion, Agility and Fitness.

Robust engineering and geared at children who are 5+

"it's amazing"

FOR 2017  Art: 38905 - The Suspension File, is a new HR file:

With changes to Data Protection and Ofsted inspection, the need for clarity and transparency has never been so important. 

Rahmqvist designed this item for use in UK filing cabinets.  

HR files allow you to remove the hanging bars that currently occupy so much space in your cabinet and yet fail on a daily basis.


HR files hang independently and benefit from four tabed sections so you can divide your content easily.  Capacity is around 400 pages of basic A4 paper and customers tell us that they are perfect for Personnel, Child Protection, Pupil Premium or any confidential evidence that needs to be secure.

The front label allows you to personalise each file for ease of use.

Rahmqvist TriWriter: Art: 17381-89

Tri-grip pens for Handwriting, Marking and Responce

Rahmqvist products can be used to support Marking, Polishing, Editing and Peer Assessment.  Our Highlighter pencils are an ideal alternative to pen when used for 'Tickled pink and Green for Growth', VCOP and 2 stars and a wish assessment techniques.  

By popular demand we have now added "the Purple pen of Progress" 

and "Orange developmental steps" to our popular range of TriWriters.

Art: 24341  The Rahmqvist Whiteboard Sleeve:


A cost effective way to make any template a whiteboard!

Within the classroom, hundreds of templates are created and laminated, then disgarded when the child progresses beyond that milestone.

With the Whiteboard sleeve, you simply practice the activity, copy evidence of good work and reload the next challenging template that you have created.  Ideal for SEND and with children who work better with coloured filters.  Oversized for ease of use and dry wipe on both sides.

Rahmqvist Presentation Frames:


Art: 38925 A5 Portrait / 38930 A5 Landscape

Art: 38923 A4 Portrait / 38924 Landscape

Art: 38932 A3, Portrait only


Rahmqvist Presentation frames can help you provide a better image in your school by improving the signage and notices about your building.  Essential Safeguarding notices and Fire assembly point plans can be clearly identified along with Name plates on doors, Messages to parents on glass and Children's best work.


Our Swedish, customer centric approach, ensures that your requirements are our priority.  Today, thousands of UK schools are using Rahmqvist products to achieve their desirable outcome,

we would love you to be the next.



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