Your Office

A good working environment and effective products that work, allow you to perform your daily duties in the most cost effective way.

Rahmqvist consider the function, durability and how each product we provide, can bring an added benefit to your working life.

Here is a small selection for your perusal


Art: 38905 - Personnel file


Designed specifically for UK  filing cabinets.

No need for suspension files as the Personnel file hangs independently.

4 Pre-divided sections are perfect for storing evidence for Inspection.

Personnel Files

Pupil Premium

Child Protection

Sport Premium

With the added benefit of a large label so you can sumerise the content,

the Personnel file will help improve the organisation of key data.

Rahmqvist Ergonomic Files


The most robust file on the market, supported by a 10 year guarantee.


Change your mindset and protect the environment, move away from replacing broken files every 6-12 months, buy once and add to your collection as the need demands, then replace the label using the free template should the purpose of the file change!


Save time - Money - Space

Every office is unique, but in all cases 'time saves money'

and robust products, that are guaranteed to perform under heavy use, provide a cost effective solution for you.

38141 XL Box file - Black - 80mm high capacity

38144 XL Box file - Silver - 80mm high capacity


39522 Ergo book - Red - 60mm spine

39523 Ergo book - Blue - 60mm spine

Art: 38924 A4 Landscape / 38925 A4 Portrait

Art: 38930 A5 Landscape / 38923 A5 Portrait

Art: 38932 A3 Portrait 


Rahmqvist Presentation Frames


Are a perfect way to improve the signage and notices around your office.

Once mounted, the adhesive is permanent but this creates a pivot that allows you to change the content everyday or leave your notice looking outstanding for years to come.

Art: 22172

This Register file is a hybrid clipboard.  The clip is to the left hand side, which allows the user to wrap the file around on itself, providing a solid cover to mark on. Up to 100 pages of information, class lists, medical, dietary data can then be displayed.


Art: 35374 - Desk Organiser


The Desk Organiser is a great alternative to the common 'in tray'

Rather than stacking paper horizontally, the Desk Organiser comprises of an outer carry case and 5 individual folders, each with the capacity of 400 pages of A4 paper.


Most pockets and even some files will store perfectly in a vertical position making them easier to find and to work with.


Ideal for a busy office.


Art: 38921 A5 / 38927 A4 / 38943 A3


Use Adhesive Info. pockets to display signs and notices around your school.


Available in A5, A4 and A3, these pockets are non-permanent and can be repositioned up to 30 times.  Remove the need for tack or tape that can smere your windows and walls.


Each one has an opening, which allows the content to be replaced on a regular basis.

Art No. 38916 Solo Frame


This impressive display frame is made from recyclable polypropylene and benefits from silica adhesive, which is non permanent.

Use on any sealed surface such as windows, doors and plastic to give a professional image to your building.

Art: 19793 Handbook Cover


Many schools use Rahmqvist handbook covers to finish off the production of important documents such as: 

Welcome books for parents

School brochures

Policy documents

Governors handbooks


Art no. 19883 Window folder - Blue


Improve the wall display you bought from the local catalogue 

by adding expanding Window Pockets.

Perfect for important documents relating to Governance,

Safeguarding and for Policies

Art: 96752/54/56


Rahmqvist Flo rolls are like sticky note pads but on a flexible role.

The three bright colours stand out in an office environment and the adhesive covers the entire back, which reduces the chance of the note falling off.


Once finished, keep the dispenser and buy the refill, its so easy! 



Rahmqvist Staplers:


Art: 16135 Electronic Stapler - batteries included.

      26/6 Staple


Art: 16200 Easy Stapler

     26/6 Staple


Art: 16106 3 in 1 Microstapler

     No.10 Staple


Quality Staplers for your office and the classroom


Classroom consumables


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