Rahmqvist Whiteboard Workbooks

Rahmqvist Whiteboard Workbooks provide a great alterative to the common whiteboard and laminated template.

Each workbook contains 10 pages that allow you to deliver 20 targeted  templates to accelerate a learners development.

This flexibility means the Whiteboard Workbook is ideal for learners from EYFS through to SEN and onto G&T

Primary schools present each child with their own Whiteboard Workbook.  They are commonly stored on the tables in the classroom and this enhances the flow of each lesson.  

Phonics, Handwriting, Numeracy, Time, Co-ordinates, Language etc can successfully receive added focus via Whiteboard Workbooks

Another advantage of a Whiteboard Workbook is for SEN.

Specific developmental templates can be inserted and evidence of progress can be achieved.  Photocopies of an improved milestone can be made and stored in an Envelope pocket or Assertive Mentoring file

Learners with vision imparement may also benefit.

Schools have noted a benefit to learners who have taken targeted templates and copied them onto the colour that works best for them.  There is no restriction using a Whiteboard Workbook as all colours including Yellow, Beige, Cerise, Sky etc work equally well inside the pocket.