Rahmqvist Fix Film

Rahmqvist introduced the original Fix Film in 1995

The statically charged film allows Fix Film to be adhered to any sealed surface without the need for a gum or tack adhesive.

The writing surface is ideal for impact activities such as Intervention, Inset or class based exercises for different ability groups. 

Any dry wipe pen works well on the surface and can be left on for 48 hours without any problem.

Each sheet can be used and re-located approximatly 100 times.

Rahmqvist Fix Film is available in White


Art: 24370 White, size A1

Art: 24380 Transparent, size A1

Art: Yellow, size A2

Art: 24374 White, size A4


(FYI: A1 = Flipchart Pad size)


Art: 24250 Twin Tipped Whiteboard Pen, 4 assorted colours

Art: 24404 Whiteboard Duster

Mind Mapping, Number or Word association ativities can be achieved easily in or away from the classroom 

Intervention to support Literacy and Numercy can de delivered in small groups or as a class acitivity

Fix Film is ideal for Heads, SBM and SLT's for whole school planning, Tracking and Pupil progress

 Download a brochure on Whiteboard Fix Film 

Whiteboard Fix Film.pdf
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