Presentation and Display

Rahmqvist Solo Frame


Each frame benefits from two non-permanent adhesive strips, which allow a sign to be displayed and then replaced at your convenience.

Solo frame can be used to display in either a portrait or landscape format.

Use on any sealed surface including windows, furniture and gloss paint.

Rahmqvist Presentation Frames:


Art: 38925 A5 Portrait / 38930 Landscape

Art: 38923 A4 Portrait / 38924 Landscape

Art: 38932 A3 Portrait only


Rahmqvist Presentation frames can help to improve your professional image and create focus areas by enhancing the quality of the signs and notices about your building.  You can also remove the need for tack or tape with this flexible display frame.

Door Signs and Safeguarding notices.

Presentation frames allow you to identify 'whose in the room' or the purpose of the room.  They can also be used to display key Safeguard notices and Fire Assembly point plans

Use on any sealed surface including painted brick

With a clear glass finish Rahmqvist Presentation frames look fantastic on windows and doors.

Create a professional image in your reception area.

 Presentation frames are a great alternative to tape, tack and clip frames and provide you with the flexibility you need to stay on point.

Utilise your staffroom

Presentation frames allow you to present clear data and relevant information to all staff

Maximise your space.

Presentation frames give you clean lines that allow you to create a focal area in the smallest of spaces.

Rahmqvist Adhesive Info. Pockets - removable.

For a flexible solution, Info pockets are an excellent alternative.

Notices on windows, doors and high gloss sealed surfaces can be created in seconds.  The medium level tack allows you to replace each pocket a number of times or simply change the content using the opening at the top of the pocket.

Available in A5, A4 and A3

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