Peer Assessment & Marking

Rahmqvist UK have developed products to support Peer Assessment, Polishing, Developmental steps and Teacher marking

Rahmqvist Highlighter Pencils:

Art: 17350 (4 Colour) / 17340 (Pink & Green only)


Rahmqvist highlighter pencils allow children to identify V.C.O.P.

Verbs, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation in a passage of text.

For schools using the 'Tickled pink and Green for growth' Assessment techniques, Rahmqvist have introduced highlighter pencils to help learners achieve better results.

Why are Rahmqvist highlighter pencils a great alternative to pen?

4 vibrant colours that are identified easily 




70% erasable

Simple to sharpen

Last 'significantly longer' than highlighter pens

TriWriter Pens for Marking - Polishing - Editing

Art: 17381 Black / 17382 Red / 17383 Blue / 17384 Green / 17387 Orange / 17389 Purple

Many schools adopt a Marking Policy that is colour specific.

Green is often used to identify a teachers comments and developmental steps for the children, whilst many schools encourage pupils to

edit or polish work in purple or pink or orange

'Tickled Pink and Green for Growth'


Schools adopting the 'Tickled pink and Green for growth' Assessment technique will find every sundry they need with Rahmqvist.

TriWriters for Marking/ Polishing and Peer Assessment.

Highlighter Pencils that help identify both good examples of work and areas requiring development.

Art: 96752 Red / 96754 Green / 96756 Orange / 96734 Yellow


Floroll is a note backed with a low tack adhesive that allows teachers to focus and comment on specific learning points and development milestones.  Each roll is 10 metres long and can be cut to the size required via the handy dispenser.  Once empty refills are available.

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