Rahmqvist Products for Maths and Numeracy

Learning Keys from Rahmqvist are a great Maths resource, which can help develop logic based problem solving skills and enhance the fine motor skill of young learners.  


You can use Learning Keys to BOOST a childs understanding of 

Multiplication / art:12032

Fractions / art:12034

Division / art:12033

Addition / art:12030

Subtraction / art:12031


Each set of keys feature 10 activities that become progressively more difficult.  Complete the activity within 30 seconds and Mastery is achieved, young learners can then move onto the next challenge.

On the reverse of each key, the correct sequence is embosed, which lends

itself to peer support.  


A perfect resource to aid year 4 screening


Art: 24342 Magnetic Whiteboard - Squared


Simply the best whiteboards in the world!

Rahmqvist MWB offer two contrasting sides, with both benefitting from the highest quality whiteboard surface.  The 'activity' side features a 14 x 10 Grid, which gives you the flexibility to take on many more challenges.  The lines are sealed, they will not fade or fall off.


The 'magnetic' side is plain and allows you to use all of the magnetic numbers, letters or shapes that you have already purchased.  Many schools use the plain side as a 'jotta', allowing the children to make notes or show working out.  


Possibly the best feature of all........

Having developed and sold this style of board for four years with more than 400,000 sold to date, i can confirm that the number of frames falling off is exactly 0.


In addition, we designed a bumper to raise the writing surfaces off the desk, this reduces damage to the board.  The bumper also gives younger children something to hang on to when working on a carpet, perfect really


EYFS + Nursery

Art: 24341 Whiteboard Sleeve


A perfect alternative to laminating templates

The Rahmqvist whiteboard sleeve is an oversized dry wipe pouch that allows you to insert common templates for practice activities.

Write on and wipe off, its so easy


Tune the template to each child.  For those with vision imparement, simply copy the template onto the colour that works best for that child, dyslexic friendly.  For those needing booster support, create a template to encourage progress, once one is completed advance onto the next challenge.


Store the templates in Rahmqvist Envelope Pockets and you will create an amazing resource file


Ergofiles, Pockets & Storage