The Rahmqvist Stepping Stones Approach to Handwriting

Our handwriting range is designed to cover key stage 1 and key stage 2 development. We focus on providing comfort, control and presentation for learners of all abilities. Many schools who use, Big Writing, Talk4Writing or who have adopted a Kinetic approach to handwriting, benefit from Rahmqvist

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Step one: Jumbo Triangle Pencil (First development - mark making)

This pencil is a soft triangle meaning teachers are able to position the learners fingers into place to begin the development of the desired grip. The pencil sharpens easily in a dual sharpener and benefits from single bonded graphite which reduces breakage.

Step two: Standard Triangle Pencil (Progression)

When the learner is able to control the JTP they progress to the Standard Triangle pencil.  This pencil is universal and can be used by all learners without the stigma of being a 'trainer pencil'. Fingers naturally drop into place providing added comfort.

Step Three: TriWriter  (Bronze Award)

Known commonly as 'my first pen'  and introduced by many schools promoting a pen licence, as the Bronze Award.  TriWriters offer speed drying ink for Left handed learners which also reduces smudging.  A special nib is resistant to squashing and will not shape during use.

Step Four: New Roller (Silver Award ) 

With confidence the learner can progress to a more adult style of pen.  A favourite for 1000's of schools. Tops can be removed with no risk of drying, upward and downward stokes are achieved equally and the special 'Pigment' ink will not bleed through paper. Presentation is therefore enhanced.  

++Schools often claim that this is the longest lasting pen in the classroom

Step four PLUS: (Eco-Power Roller) 

New for 2019, is the Eco-Power Roller.  This is a hybrid pen that features the robust nib from our excellent New Roller and the Cartridge from our Inkflow.  The result is a multi-use handwriting pen that can be used over and over again!! ..... and represents a credible alternative to single use handwriting pens!!  Each pen is manufactured using recyclable polypropylene which is robust for you and environmentally friendly.

Step Five: Inkflow cartridge pen (Golden Pen)

The Golden pen is successful with learners achieving level 4 and above or as a reward for Gifted and Talented learners. The special nib allows the ink to flow smoothly whether a left or right hander is in control.  The grip point is emphasised giving the optimum point for control and the vision barrel allows each pen to be personalised.

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