Rahmqvist products allow children to explore, investigate and learn through play. From Mark Making to Messy Play Rahmqvist products offer vibrant colours, tactile finishes, instant results and better durability everytime your children use them.




Art: 20105 - 22gm  'GREEN CHOICE' Adhesive Stick


Our Green choice adhesive stick is 3 times better than others:

1. It arrives in a recycled tube

2. 50% of the solvent has been removed from the adhesive

3. Once empty, it can go in the recycle box for more recycling


Note:  The reduction in solvent improves the stick and increases the cap off time to two weeks without drying !!

Stick, peel and replace within a minute and give every child the 

added time to stick with confidence.


NEW Finger Paint / Combi Colours


Love mark making, colour mixing and printing?

the new Comi-Finger Paint from Rahmqvist can deliver it all !

This multi-Tempera paint is washable and benefits from a smooth texture, which will be enjoyed by children of all abilities.  The colours mix and blend to produce strong secondary colours, so colour mixing lessons are easily supported. Whats more, finger, hand and feet prints can be achieved by decanting paint into a tray or bowl and letting the children mix the colours ahead of printing on paper, card or canvass!

The paint dries in 30-45 minutes and washes off skin easily

Art: 24001 & 24002

Rahmqvist Flopaint:


Vibrant colours that are great for mark making.

A robust rollerball delivers a fantastice 2D line.

Colour dominant lines are produced rather than colour mixing.

A great alternative to how paint works.

Standard colours or Neon.


One quick shake and you are ready to go!!

19800 Mag-Tab


The Rahmqvist Mag-Tab provides a sensory experience

for children of all abilities.

See it - Hear it - Touch it

Use the Mag-Pen to Mark Make or draw a shape or a picture or write a letter or a word or a number, then wipe is off and start again!

.....totally engaging

Art 21977 Tri-Grip Colouring Pen

Time for Inspection?

Many Early Years providers use our amazing Ergonomic File for the storage and display of Key data.  From Learning Journeys to Key Worker files, Rahmqvist Ergofiles provide unrivalled durability in the busiest of environments.

Ergofiles, Pockets & Storage

                                Art: 21905 - Rahmqvist Silky crayons:


  A compact paint stick that children can use like an oil, wax or water colour  to create amazing work in vibrant colours.


With great mark marking properties and super washable.


12 striking colours that 'glide across the page' and guarantee a mark

Mark make

Colour mix


Add water for messy play

An ideal crayon to be used on skin as a face paint*

24344 Magnetic Whiteboard - EYFS - Wide Lines


Simply the best whiteboards in the world!

Rahmqvist MWB offer two contrasting sides, with both benefitting from the highest quality whiteboard surface.  The 'activity' side features 6 wide lines that encourage letter formation and handwriting.  The lines are sealed, they will not fade or fall off, even under heavy use!


The 'magnetic' side is plain and allows you to use all of the magnetic numbers, letters or shapes that you have already purchased.  Many schools use the plain side as a 'jotta', allowing the children to make notes or show working out or to simply be creative.


Possibly the best feature of all........

Having developed and sold this style of board for four years, with more than 400,000 sold to date, i can confirm that the number of frames falling off is exactly 0.


In addition, we designed a bumper to raise the writing surfaces off the desk, this reduces damage to the board.  The bumper also gives younger children something to hang on to when working on a carpet, perfect really


Maths & Numeracy

21840 Opaque Window Pens


Make your windows exciting with the next generation of window pens.

Long lasting, easy to use and they dont fade in the sunlight.

 6 x colours produce instant vivid results,

when you've finished, simply wash them away!

Art: 21974 - Playpen Maxxi - Colour Changer

Art Tri-Grip Metallic Pen

Art: 21908 - Silky Crayon NEON


with an ergonomic grip and vibrant colours, the new Silky NEON is a perfect way to brighten up a picture.  The special formula, allows the Silky Crayon to glide across the page with minimal effort and leave an impression every time.  The Silky NEON's are perfect for learners of all abilities.


Why not make everyday, "Silky NEON day"

Art: 21902 Liquid Wax Pastels -Original

Art: 21903 Liquid Wax Pastels - Fluorescent

Art: Liquid wax Pastels - Metallic


LWP are a next generation pastel providing the excellent attributes of an   Oil Crayon, with the strength of a wax whilst remaining extremely washable.

The vibrant colours can be blended, mixed, scraped and are fantastic for wax resist activities produced in the classroom.



 Art: 24010 Rahmqvist Glitter gel


Rahmqvist Glittergel contains a high concentrate of Glitter that produces an incredible result the second it hits the page.


Flexibility is key:

Glittergel dries on paper within 40 minutes and leaves a 2D finish that is very tactile and amazing under UV light.


Produce your work on plastic and after 72 hours (approx) your picture will peel off which is great for decorations.


Finally, Glittergel never separates and will not dry on the shelf. 





Art: 21975 Rahmqvist Playpens


7 colours and 1 'MagicPen' 

Each Playpen has a robust 3.5mm nib that is perfect for children.

The Tri-Grip is easy to control and the vented cap makes them safe.

Colour in, then erase using the magic pen!!


prepare a block and reveal activity with the magic pen, when the colour goes over the top the answer is revealed



Art: 28503

Dual handed scissors:


Can be used by children who are left or right hand dominant.


Cut using the length of the blade or flare at the very tip, these scissors wont let you down.


Art: 28201

All round glue D/T


a dedicated craft glue 


Brilliant on wood,





and many more creative



A good alternative to a Glue gun.


Jumbo Triangular Colour Pencils

Art: 24181 - Super Jumbo Colour Pencils


Argubly, the most robust big colour pencil on the market.

The hexagonal shape fits well with a child's developing grip.

The colour capped ends allow the children to identify the colour

they need during an activity and then at the end of the session,

help sort the colours back into sets.

Each crayon benefits from SBL technology making every crayon hard waring

Colour Mix


and shade to your hearts content

Highlighter Pencils(12 per wallet)

Art: 17340 (2 colour)

Art: 17350 (4 colour)


A great alternative to ink.


Four vibrant colours make up a set of 12 pencils per pack.  

Each highlight on standard paper but are excellent on other coloured card including black.

They also work well under UV light or in a Sensory room.


For Art or Assessment

Art 24177 Dual Sharpener with Barrel