Evidence Storage & Display


The home of the 'original' ERGOFILE 

circa 1995

Rahmqvist Ergofiles are available in 2 or 4 prong.

Should you use poly-pockets then 4 prong will be better for you, but if you simply hole punch then 2 prong works equally well.


Introduced to the UK by Rahmqvist in 1995, the Ergofile offers the greatest balance between durability and sustainability in the busy workplace.


Use them to store key evidence for Inspection, Assessment, Safeguarding, Pupil Progress, Performance Management and Governors.


Our unique Guarantee is for 10 years, in normal working use.

4 prong A4 Ergonomic files available in 14 colours

Black, Silver, Red, Dark blue, Bright blue, Cobalt blue, Sky blue, Cerise, Purple, Plum, Lime green, Dark green, Citrus yellow, Yellow

2 prong A4 Ergonomic files available in 8 colours

Red, Bright Blue, Sky Blue, Cerise, Purple, Plum, Yellow, Dark Green

SLIMLINE Ergonomic files in 4 prong, available in 6 colours

Black, Transparent, Plum, Silver, Bright Blue, Red


How do I order?

 High Capacity Ergofile, available in Black, with 800 page capacity

 Rahmqvist Ergofiles

feature a unique anti-spill clip to prevent paper loss

A special grade of recyclable polypropelene is used in construction to provide added stength and a unique 10 year guarantee


Rahmqvist Envelope pockets: Art: 19831-39


Envelope Pockets have an expandable gusset, that allows you to store upto 100 sheets of A4 paper, securely.  There are 7 vibrant colours to select from and each one has a label which can be personalised using the FREE template on this website.  Velcro is used to hold the envelope flap, removing risk of paper spill.


Try Envelope Pockets and you'll never go back!

Are you ready for Inspection, GDPR and Audit??

19406-S Security Data Pocket . 19430-S Security Data File

!9850 Security Envelope Pocket


Each cover benefits from a special distortion filter, which makes any text smaller than 16 font size impossible to read, which helps you to

prevent third party disclosure

Perfect for Personnel, Child Protection, Finance, Governors 

or any sensitive document that maybe used by your SLT or Office.

Art: 22171 Observation File


Lesson Observations are crucial when preparing for inspection.


The Observation file is a hybrid and combines the strength of our Ergonomic file and the practicality of a clipboard.


The unique reverse clip allows the cover to be wrapped, giving a solid surface to work on, whilst the 4 rings provide storage of up to 100 pages of A4 paper.



New for 2018

Rahmqvist Window Pocket - Expandable

19882-Red / 19883-Blue / 19888-Yellow

Each Window pocket benefits from an expanding gusset which allows up to 200 pages of A4 paper to be stored at one time.  The half page window provides a clear view of the content and the index pocket, to the front, allows you to include a summary or content list for ease of use.

Display Pockets with built in polypockets:


Art: 19532 Red, 10 page, Art: 19533 Blue, 10 page

Art: 19539 Double Blue, 20 page, Art: 19538 Purple, 30 page

Rahmqvist Display Pockets help you collate evidence and data to support

Inspection . Assessment . Pupil Progress

Tracking . Performance Management . ITT

Governors Minutes . ICT Certificates . Safeguarding


Each Display Pocket has a coloured front cover and a number of 'clear glass finish' polypockets, that are bound into the spine.

The spine is multi-punched and the Display Pocket can be filed in an Ergofile or any common ring or lever arch file.

Art: 19311: All Round Divider, 7 section

High quality PP material is used to create this colourful divider.

7 sections make up one set, all colour coded and benefiting from an extended tab that can be seen easily from the side.

The special Rahmqvist 'locking pocket' provides the ultimate in ease of use when using or recover documents.

Capacity of each divider is 20 pages of A4 paper, which provides added flexibility in use.

New for 2018

Rahmqvist Ergobook - 60mm

Art: 39522-Red / 39523-Blue

Rahmqvist Ergobooks are robust in design and benefit from a durable, recyclable material.  Two colours of spine are available and easy switch label holder allows you to personalise each file.

On this occassion Rahmqvist offer a standard 4 D-ring snap mechanism as an alternative to the anti-spill mechanism found in Ergofiles.

Art: 19840   five part Envelope Expander File:


Feature 5 sections that conveniently slide out to the side and allow you to recover the document easily.


Each file has an expanding gusset which allows you to store upto 300 sheets of A4 paper:


Commonly used as:

Personnel Files or

EHCP send files

The Rahmqvist Handy Box


Art: 38182 - 88


Each Handy box file will store up to 500 sheets of A4 paper.


With the convenient handle, each file is easy to place and remove from a shelf.


Designed to store spiral bound and heat sealed booklets as well as OMR sheets and paper


Available in 4 striking colours

Art: 19793 Handbook Covers


A simple to use solution to improve the image of your official documents.

A booklet of up to 40 pages can be bound in this professinal cover.

From an image point, the document looks like it has been heat sealed however, the document is stapled in meaning each one takes just 3-4 seconds to put together.


Recyclable Polypropylene and chlorine free card, make this 

the environmental choice.


ideal covers for:




Governors &

SFVS reports


Index pocket file, 5 tab


Art: 19397


Colour coded with divider tabs built on and featuring the unique Rahmqvist

locking pocket.  


Stores in any Ergofile, ring or lever arch file


Ideal for:

Governors Reports, Performance Management, SEND, EHCP, Pupil Progress, SEF, CPD 

 Art: 19261 - 69 (6 colours)  All Round Pocket

All Round Pockets are special to Rahmqvist.

Each benefits from a colour coded spine and multipunched inner.

The special locking pocket design allows the pocket to open fully

to the side and top, making paper entry and recovery simple. 

Art: 19181, A3 Twin Pocket

A perfect solution to the dilemma of A3 Stoarge.

Each Twin Pocket opens up in a gatefold style, which allows A3 paper to be added and removed with little problem.


The pockets work equally well as a double A4 or the A3 style has the capacity to store 12 sheets of A3 paper in one place.

Art: 22172 Rahmqvist SLT Organiser:

For Leaders

Attend any Meeting, Conference or Workshop with everything you need in one place.  The SLT Organiser has a secure section for your tablet that benefits from finger sensitive material, letting you operate without removing.


Front facing, there is a section for a note pad, then on the next page there is storage space for a charger, business cards and previous notes.


Robust, yet attractive and perfect for you.

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