Did you know?

Rahmqvist UK was established as a trading subsidiary in 1979 with a mission to provide quality adapted products for the education market.  

In 2019, our Direct Salespeople supplied thousands of Schools and Nurseries with amazing products that helped improved their daily activities.

The Rahmqvist Foundation


In 2014, Rahmqvist built and now sustain an orphanage in the Alldays region of South Africa.  The Mapungubwe Foundation Centre has now evolved to become a centre for local people to learn key life skills that will support them now and into the future.

This is a long term commitment by Rahmqvist that will directly improve the lives of some of the most deprived children in Africa's Limpopo Region.  Our unique collaboration with local farmers, families, teachers and other skilled volunteers provides hope and possibility to children within the Alldays region.  The special Tree, planted at the centre of the communal area, features out stretched hands that represent our symbol of hope for children in Africa.

Rahmqvist, the environment and sustainability

It's our people that make the Rahmqvist experience so special

Rahmqvist and their trading divisions operate in 12 Countries across the World, employing approximately 300 people locally.

Every person, has the opportunity to become the best that they can be and that is a value and a global company philosophy, which we are proud of.

....why not join us!

Rahmqvist UK actively support educational organisations including the NAHT, ASCL, National College, NPH, ISBL ( formerly NASBM )aswell as Teaching Schools,  Regional Headteacher and SBM meetings by way of exhibiting a selected range of products at events across the UK.

Product Sourcing


Rahmqvist actively source products from Environmentally sensitive suppliers located around Europe and the rest of the World.   Product innovation, Market adaptation, Consumer demand and Environmental sensitivity are key priorities when identifying the next generation of product.


Our compliance team visit suppliers directly to ensure that all exacting standards are achieved, safeguarding our business and our customers.


Our vision