Classroom Consumables

Rahmqvist adapt consumables in order to meet the demand of the working environment. This includes the classroom where children provide an extreme test for all products.

If you are looking for duarbility without compromising on better outcomes then Rahmqvist adapted consumables are perfect for you.

Art: 24340 Magnetic Whiteboard - Handwriting Lines

Art: 24342 Magnetic Whiteboard - Squared

Art: 24344 Magnetic Whitboard - Early years


How about two boards for the price of one!


The plain side has a fantastic writing surface and is also MAGNETIC.  

All of your standard magnetic letters, numbers and coins will work!

Side 2, features lines to help learners understand letter formation . The clear ascenders and descenders are a great guide to practice on.

The writing surface is also 'mottled' which creates a drag, making letter formation more controlled .

The special 'Bumper' raises the both sides off the desk, so should you want to photcopy work for evidence, you can do so without smudging the work.

Also try Rahmqvist whiteboard pens!


Tri-Grip whiteboard pen for children


Art: 24491 Black

Art: 24493 Blue


 Tri-Grip Whiteboard pens are ideal for all learners.  They benefit from a vacuum cap which reduces the number of pens lost through drying.  The easy-wipe ink reduces ghosting on boards and a triangle grip supports a learners handwriting development.

Art: 28503 Dual Handed - Classroom scissors

Art: 28505 Soft Grip - Junior and Craft Scissors

Art: 28510 Adult Scissor, with 11" blade


Rahmqvist scissors are available in three sizes.  

Dual handed scissors can be used equally well by left or right handed children.

Medium size, soft grips, benefit from cold forged steel blades that make them suitable for fabric and D/T activities.

The large have elongated blades which are ideal for adult use.

Art: 20101 39gm Adhesive stick - office

Art: 20105 22gm Adhesive stick - classroom



Constructed using 100% receycled tubes and 50% less adhesive than a others, once finished the tube can be put into the recycle bin, not landfill!!


Rahmqvist Adhesive sticks (Gluestick) can be used easily and safely by children and adults alike.  The formula improves the cap off time and similarly reduces the amount of waste generated through squashing. This results in more of the stick being used to glue rather than being wasted.


A cost effective solution

Art: 16135 Electronic Stapler - Large - including batteries

Art: 16132 Electronic Stapler - Small - including batteries

Art: 16200 (Not available - new options coming)


Art: 16106 Micro-stapler


Rahmqvist staplers are guaranteed to perform under heavy use.  For the office, the battery operated Electronic Stapler can staple up to 30 sheets of paper.  The lever action Easystapler provides even greater capacity stapling up to 40 sheets, whilst the Microstapler is a hand stapler that can also be opened flat to be used in a soft display board.

Art: 16210 Stapling Plier


Returned by popular demand The Rahmqvist Stapling Plier:

The plier fits naturally into the palm of your hand making the action of opening and closing easy, even for small hands.

The anti-jam system works effectively and the plier can even be opened to staple displays into soft boards should you wish.

Many schools promoting independent creativity also allow KS2+ children to use the plier during classroom activities and creativity sessions.

Try it, you will like it

Art: 16115 Lite Tacker - staple gun


Rahmqvist Lite Tacker is a staple gun that is ideal for mounting displays and notices on pin boards and hessian boards.  The Lite tacker weighs much less than many staple guns and the handle is designed to be comfortable, even for people with a smaller grip.

Art: 24250 Twin tipped board markers - 4 set

Art: 24404 Clean Off - board eraser- multi layered

Art: 21531 Pen Rack for boards - Adhesive - hold 4 pens

Art: 24456 Tablet Cleaner



Rahmqvist Twin Tip Whiteboard Markers have both a chisel tip and a bullet tip to suit all users.  They are available in single or mixed colours.  The optional pen rack allows pens to be stored horizontally and this helps maximise the life of the pen.  Clean off dusters can be safely used on any board and come loaded with 20 removable wipes. 

Art: 17374 Standard Triangle Pencil

Art: 17375 Jumbo Triangle Pencil

Art: 24186 - Jumbo sharpener 

Art: 24177 Dual sharpener

Art: 24178 Electronic sharpener - multi size


Rahmqvist triangle pencils are an ideal classroom pencil for all children.  The soft triangular shape supports a developing grip and Kinetic writing, whilst the single bonded graphite reduces waste through breakage.

Rahmqvist provide a range of colour pencils that deliver vibrant results whilst managing daily life in a classroom.  Colours can be blended and both fine lines and large coverage can be achieved easily.  Single Bonded technology helps to reduce breakage in sharpeners.

Art: 24000 Jumbo Colour Pencil in a Gratnell Tray


144 colour pencils, comprising of 12 of 12 colours, each benefiting from compressed pigment and single bonded lead.


These robust colour pencils provide the ideal resource for any classroom.

A real bargain!

Essential Office consumbles are better from Rahmqvist.

Floroll+dispenser is a sticky note pad on a roll.  Each roll benefits from 10 metres and the dispenser allows you to tear at the point you need to which reduces waste. Refills are available in Pink/ Green/ Orange.

Art: 96752 Pink/Red

Art: 96754 Green

Art: 96756 Orange

Art: 96734 Yellow


Your Office


Art: 24177 Dual Sharpener - suitable for standard and jumbo pencils

Art: 24186 Jumbo Sharpener - suitable for large tri-grip pencils