Young learners have fabulous minds that explore, question, create and deliver outstanding results.  Rahmqvist provide creative products to support and enhance ideas that can then be turned into reality.

Art: 24040 Modelling Clay:


Can be used as a creative medium or

a material to support an enterprise initaive.


Each 1 Kilo bar is compressed allowing the user to cut, mould, roll out or adapt to suit any project. When dry, Modelling Clay can be painted

or glittergel added, to create a fantastic result.

Schools tell us that Rahmqvist Modelling Clay is less brittle than

many clays, making it more suitable for young learners

and the special foil wrap, provides a 5 year shelf life.


Art 21902 Liquid Wax Pastels -Original

Art 21903 Liquid Wax Pastel - Fluorescent

Art 21904 Liquid Wax Pastel - Metallic


A new generation of pastel that benefits from a refined wax and compressed pigment to deliver stimulating vibrant colours.

Colour mix, Blend, Scrape and many other activities are achieved with great effect .  LWP's are easily washed off skin and most clothing.

Art: 24010 Rahmqvist Glittergel - Classic Collectio: 10 bottles per box

24011 Rahmqvist Glittergel - Festive Collection: 10 bottles per box


Rahmqvist Glittergel is equally brilliant on modelling material as it is on paper.  By retaining its colour and adhering without flaking, 

the effects can be amazing.  


Try Glittergel on plastic, load a template into a polypocket and follow the lines making sure they are all joined up.  Once dry, you can peel the Glittergel off the plastic to reveal your finished work.


The high glitter:gel ratio guarantees instant impact with minimal effort.

The Anti-spill bottles also help to reduce the waste normally

assaciated with Glitter

Art: 28201

All Round Glue 115gm:


A dedicated craft glue that is a credible alternative to a hot/cold glue gun.


Sticking Balsawood, Clay, Pasta, Shell, Sand and other collage material has never been so easy for young learners.  The concentrate PVA, provides a flexble bond that dries clear on the page.

Each 115g bottle is easy to control and benefits from an anti-spill top to reduce waste.  

Art: 24022 - 123  (9 colours) Pearlised Paint 

Bronze . Gold . Copper . Violet . Blue . Silver . Red. Green . White


Rahmqvist Pearlised Paint enhances any creative activity.

The 9 vibrant colours come in a concentrated form that can be used directly onto materials such as wood and clay, or can be watered down to create a pearlescent wash for a background scene.

Highly effective, easy to use and extremely washable

Bottles are 250ml and feature a cap that reduces spillage.

New for 2018

Art 21977 Tri-Grip Colouring Pen

New for 2018

Art 21973 Tri-Grip Metallic Pens

Art: 21908 Silky Crayon NEON


The 6 vibrant colours in the Silky NEON range can be used to brighten any picture.  The special formula allows the Silky Crayon to glide across the page, leaving a clear mark every time.  Try using Silky NEON's under a UV light and see the outstanding results or just have fun and make your festive pictures fantastic.


Why not make today, a Silky NEON day!

Art 21907 Silky Metallic Crayon


Silky Metallics are compact paint sticks, that sparkle!

Up-lift any picture or display with these fantastic Metallic colours.

Each one glides across the page to provide instant results.

Perfect for your Festival Art Celebrations

 Extremely washable

Art: 21910 Watercolor Paints


Watercolours by Rahmqvist, benefit from a high pigment:bond ratio which allows the colour to move from strong to wash without compromising a quality finish.  12 vibrant colours can colour mix to achieve the perfect colour match and are ideal for use in both the classroom and outdoor environment. 

Art: 24189 Aqua-pencils (Water soluble)


Aqua-pencils benefit from a high concentrate of pigment that allows

water to be added to work to create a wash, without losing the

desired colour or definition.

Each Aqua-pencil features SBL which provides added strength

to every pencil 


School Colour Pencils:


24 quality colour pencils  benefit from a strong pigment that allows the colours to be toned and mixed to achieve the desired result.


The single bonded colours reduce crumbling on the page or breaking in the sharpeners which goes on to provide best value. 

Art: 21521 Black - Paper Pen

Art: 21530 Assorted colours - Paper Pen


Ideal to be used with Talk4Writing


Possibly the best 'FlipChart' pen on the market.

Twin tip Paper Pens give the user immediate flexibility in use.  The chisel nib produces a broard line whilst the bullet nib presents a clear but finer line.  This contrast is perfect for teachers wanting to create instant emphasis in the text.


The quality ink is resistant to bleeding and

the cap off time is good for 1 week

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