Rahmqvist Compact Box sets allow you to save and store all your inactive documents whilst saving you up to 40% in space.

The D-Clip + backing board utility lets you archive a document in 30 seconds and allows you to re-cycle your main file back into full use. 

Compact boxes are front loading, this allows your box to be colour coded and labeled clearly.

Documents can then be recovered at the drop of a flap!

Evidence for audit purposes are neatly stored and easily recovered providing you with maximum efficiency.

Compact Archive Box Set:

*Complete with Box, D.Clip and Backing Board


Size: A4 80mm

Art: 35302 - Red

Art: 35303 - Blue

Art: 35304 - Green

Art: 35308 - Yellow

Art: 35309 - White


Art: 38936 - Adhesive Label Pockets

Art: 35252 - additional D.Clips

Art: 35275 - additional Backing Boards


**Boxes are avaialble without componants, on request 01784 439888

Download the compact box brochure here

Compact Box Archive system.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [518.5 KB]