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Rahmqvist UK provide better products with innovative design, robust construction and environmental management for the Office and Classroom.

We place emphasis on sustainable resources through the suppliers and materials we use.  In 1996, we became the first company in Sweden to hold dual ISO certificates for Environment and Quality Management;

something we have always maintained

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ISO & Environment


  Every product is selected for a specific market place and adapted to 

meet the exacting standards demanded by Rahmqvist.

Each one can help you improve your daily activity.

A Centenary of Remembrance 

Rahmqvist Modelling Clay

Art: 24040


Rahmqvist Air-drying Modelling Clay is a perfect medium for the classroom.

The material is less sensitive than most clays, which allows the user more time to crerate their sculpture without the need of excessive water.  

Sculptures can be painted or coloured to suit and a varnish maybe added to make the item water-tight.  Ideal for Enterprise projects, Festivals or Remembrance.


Art and Creativity

How do you store your personal and sensitive data?

19406-S Security D File . 19430-S Security Q File .

19850 Security Envelope Pocket


Use the special Security Files and Pockets from Rahmqvist to

control your risk of  "third party disclosure" 


Each front cover benefits from a special distortion filter, which makes any text below size 16 font on your printer, impossible to read.

 Use in exposed areas such as the Reception or Meeting Rooms, Medical Room, Staff Room or on Field Trips, After School provision,

Personnel, Child Protection, Finance, Governors 

or anywhere you may need to work with Sensitive Data.

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Art: 38130 Wall Organiser


Utilise the wall space and notice boards in your environment.

Wall Organisers benefit from three sections and can store up to 75 pages in total.  They can be attached to hessian or pin boards easily.

To prevent the risk of "third party disclosure", simply add our new

Security file and distort any private data.

Become GDPR compliant.

Ergonomic Storage and Display


Manage your documents for Inspection, Pupil Progress and Audit

with one of the most robust and reliable folders on the market.

Benefitting from a special grade of recyclable polypropelyne, giving you a unique 10 year guarantee, a unique range of colours, a unique 3 point ergonomic grip and a unique anti-spill clip to prevent paper loss,

Rahmqvist Ergofiles are the perfect folder for your office.

*Original product introduced in 1995


"Organisation is key when you are operating at 100 miles and hour, when the demands on you are varied but immediate, to have robust equipment that wont let you down is essential, Rahmqvist Ergofiles have given me that assurance for 20 years"

Tim Sutcliffe - Executive Headteacher 


"Definitely the best files we have ever used"

Viv Wright - HR and Commercial Director MAT

We provide things that work to improve your daily activities including :


- Storage of Personnel and Sensitive data

- Marking, Editing, Polishing and Peer Assessment

- Lesson Observartion data storage 

- Archive solutions for end of year documents

- A stepping stones approach to handwriting

- EYFS products that support learning through play

- Creative products to enhance investigation and achievement

- Quality adapted consumables for every classroom and office


Art: 20001 Scoot Transformer 5+

is both a Balance Bike and a Scooter all rolled into one.


With over 3,000 sold already in Primary schools, Nurseries and Kindergartens across Europe, Scoot Transformer is the proven vehicle to improve Balance ability, Muscle Strength, Co-ordination, Agility and Fitness.

*why not use them on your daily mile?


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better still, let the children have a go!!



"The Scoots have been a great investment.  My students love playing on them as either a Balance Bike or as a Scooter.  They are uniquely versatile to meet the needs of our students and so far they have proven to be very robust, even when used vigourously"

Adrian Sugden - Headteacher


Art: 20002 Pre-Scoot Transformer 3+

With all the same benefits as its larger sister, Pre-Scoot is perfect for any Nursery, Foundation phase or Pre-School

Ideal for children with:

     Body height 100 - 118cm 

Body weight up to 110lbs (8 stone approx)


Why not request a demonstration where your children can try it

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2017 Scoot Flyer A4.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [355.6 KB]

Aryou ready for Inspection and GDPR?

Art: 38905 - The Suspension File, 400 page capacity with 4 sub-sections:

New for 2018 Art: 38906 Phase 2 - 500 page capacity - no sections


With changes to Data Protection and Ofsted inspection, the need for clarity and transparency has never been so important. 

Rahmqvist designed this item for use in lockable UK filing cabinets. 

They are perfect for Personnel, Child Protection, Pupil Premium or any confidential evidence that needs to be securely locked away.

The front label allows you to summerise the content without disclosure.

Rahmqvist Magnetic Whiteboards

24340 Handwriting . 24342 Maths Grid . 24344 Early Years 


Probably, the BEST magnetic whiteboards in the world!

Benefitting from dual boards - Active lines protected by high density lacquer - Raised bumper to allow copying without ink transfer - lightweight

12 month guarantee

Rahmqvist Tri-Grip whiteboard pen

24491 - Black . 24495 - Blue


Easy to hold Tri-Grip whiteboard pens are ideal for the classroom.

Each pen benefits from a good 0.5mm nib that produces a clear line.

The chalk based ink is one of the cleanest on the market and reduces the amount of 'ghosting' caused by pigment.  The special vacuum cap has 2 seals designed to reduce waste through drying.


Perfect for the classroom

New for 2018

Rahmqvist Window Pocket - Expandable

19882-Red / 19883-Blue / 19888-Yellow

Each Window pocket benefits from an expanding gusset which allows up to 200 pages of A4 paper to be stored at one time.  The half page window provides a clear view of the content and the index pocket, to the front, allows you to include a summary or content list for ease of use.

Rahmqvist TriWriter: Art: 17381-89

Tri-grip pens for Handwriting, Marking and Editing

Rahmqvist products can be used to support Marking, Polishing, Editing and Peer Assessment.  Our Highlighter pencils are an ideal alternative to pen when used for 'Tickled pink and Green for Growth', VCOP and 2 stars and a wish assessment techniques.  

By popular demand we have now added "the Purple pen of Progress" 

and "Orange developmental steps" to our popular range of TriWriters.


Peer Assessment & Marking

Our Swedish, customer centric approach, ensures that your requirements are our priority.  Today, thousands of UK schools are using Rahmqvist products to achieve their desirable outcome,

discover why today!

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